Quick View The Energizer - Men

The Energizer - Men

Beautiful Azurite & Orange Calcite Combination. ✔️Sacral Chakra, T...

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    Quick View Luck & Opportunity Activator
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    Luck & Opportunity Activator

    Natural Pyrite & Green Aventurine ✔️Heart & ...

      Rs. 3,250Rs. 3,650
      Quick View The Evil Eye & Black Magic Protection - Women
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      The Evil Eye & Black Magic Protection - Women

      Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz are two pow...

        Rs. 4,650Rs. 4,800
        Quick View The Weight Loss Bracelet - Men
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        The Weight Loss Bracelet - Men

        Along with proper Diet and Exercise these hea...

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          Quick View Chakra Balancing Combo -Men
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          Chakra Balancing Combo -Men

          Chakra bracelets and clear quartz bracelets a...

          • Balancing Chakras
          • Reducing Stress
          • Reaching Your full Potential
          • Promoting Physical Health
          Rs. 5,250Rs. 6,050
          Quick View The Master Healer - Men
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          The Master Healer - Men

          Clear quartz is a type of crystal that is bel...

          • Master Healer
          • Promotes Clarity
          • Amplifies Energy
          • Relieves Stress
          Rs. 2,850Rs. 3,400
          Quick View Relationship Healer -2

          Relationship Healer -2

          Rose quartz and moonstone are two crystals that are often used toge...

            Rs. 3,800
            Quick View The Positive Transformer - Men
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            The Positive Transformer - Men

            Labradorite and Moonstone are two mystical st...

              Rs. 4,550Rs. 5,200
              Quick View The Bliss - Women

              The Bliss - Women

              Red Jasper and Citrine are two powerful crystals that can be combin...

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                Quick View Hawk's Eye
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                Hawk's Eye

                Blue Tiger Eye is a gemstone that is believed to have several benef...

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                  Quick View The Money Magnet for Men

                  The Money Magnet for Men

                  Crystals: Pyrite, Green Aventurine, Citrine a...

                    Rs. 4,500
                    Quick View Salenite Plate
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                    Salenite Plate

                    A Must Have Tool for Meditation Crystals. Selenite plates are used ...

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                      Quick View Adorn
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                      This stunning Pearls and Lapis Lazuli Gemstone necklace and bracele...

                        Rs. 2,650Rs. 3,200
                        Quick View The Emotional Healer
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                        The Emotional Healer

                        Natural Black Agate, White Agate Dragon Vein Agate and Clear Quartz...

                          Rs. 2,850Rs. 3,200
                          Quick View The Fancy Jasper - Women
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                          The Fancy Jasper - Women

                          Fancy Jasper is a beautiful stone that has be...

                            Rs. 1,650Rs. 1,850
                            Quick View Evil Eye Anklet

                            Evil Eye Anklet

                            Genuine Turkish Evil Eye Anklet. 100% exclusively handmade with gla...

                              Rs. 1,400
                              Quick View Starfish Beach Anklet

                              Starfish Beach Anklet

                              Bohemian style beach anklet.

                                Rs. 990
                                Quick View Pure Lapis Lazuli

                                Pure Lapis Lazuli

                                Natural Lapis Lazuli Tasbeeh embellished with silk thread tussle. L...

                                  Rs. 28,500
                                  Quick View Saints Pontificial
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                                  Saints Pontificial

                                  Black matte onyx bracelet for men.

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                                    Quick View Metallic Crystals
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                                    Metallic Crystals

                                    5 Layered crystal bunch bracelet for her.

                                      Rs. 1,450Rs. 1,950