About Us

About the Company
 We specialize in outstanding craftsmanship and on time delivery of precious and semi-precious locally and internationally  sourced gemstone jewelry. With renowned tools and skills, we specialize in various unique cuts and a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Established in 2008 by a lady, who was fascinated with gemstones, where she wanted to provide the best and unique once made jewelry to her valuable customers. It’s been her passion to make beautiful, unique and elegant pieces of handmade jewelry, which is once made and never repeated again. There could be two items bit similar but doesn't copied or revised.

'Al Nameen Collection' aim to build an industry that caters local and international clients. We spent an extensive amount of time and research to come up with different and unique designs.

We are since many years strive to provide beautiful quality of finished handmade jewelry to your doorstep. Our products are thoughtfully handcrafted using Pearls, Crystals, Swarovski elements, Gemstone, Semiprecious Gemstone and Beads, pushing the boundaries of design and innovation while staying true to our principles.

We as a team try our best to provide you with the best quality material in best finished form, which would be less than market price so that everyone could enjoy the pleasure of our unique handmade jewelry.
Thank you for supporting us and appreciating our work.