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Quick View The Red Agate - Women
12% Off

The Red Agate - Women

This amazing Banded Red Agate Bracelet with Tree of Life is a beaut...

    Rs. 1,450Rs. 1,650
    Quick View The Master Healer - Women
    16% Off

    The Master Healer - Women

    Clear quartz is a type of crystal that is bel...

    • The Master Healer
    • Promotes Clarity
    • Amplifies Energy
    • Relieves Stress
    Rs. 2,850Rs. 3,400
    Quick View Silver - Evil Eye Ring
    24% Off

    Silver - Evil Eye Ring

    Adjustable size - Evil Eye Ring

      Rs. 650Rs. 850
      Quick View Calm your nerves
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      Calm your nerves

      Turquoise, Black rock lavastone and Clear Quartz bracelet for her. ...

        Rs. 1,650Rs. 2,250
        Quick View Stay Focused
        25% Off

        Stay Focused

        Time to Focus on your Priorities.. Get the benefits of this natural...

          Rs. 1,650Rs. 2,200
          Quick View Bethlem
          17% Off


          Genuine Bold Lapis Lazuli gemstone and tiger eye wood men bracelet

            Rs. 3,200Rs. 3,850
            Quick View Suleimani
            15% Off


            Turkish Evil Eye Bracelet.

              Rs. 2,250Rs. 2,650
              Quick View Feel The Sea
              21% Off

              Feel The Sea

              Combo of 2 eye catching bracelets, Gemstones include: Natural Lapis...

                Rs. 2,250Rs. 2,850
                Quick View The Scoop
                63% Off

                The Scoop

                Pearl Charm necklace chain.

                  Rs. 350Rs. 950
                  Quick View Rouge
                  4% Off


                  Real Pearls bracelet for women.

                    Rs. 3,650Rs. 3,800
                    Quick View Belle


                    Real Pearls Necklace and bracelet for women.

                      Rs. 8,550
                      Quick View Chakra Bracelet for women
                      11% Off

                      Chakra Bracelet for women

                      Buy Your Chakra Gemstones Bracelet - this bra...

                        Rs. 2,850Rs. 3,200
                        Quick View Guerlain
                        36% Off


                        Natural Rock lava stone and Tiger eye wood.

                          Rs. 1,050Rs. 1,650
                          Quick View The Alchemist
                          33% Off

                          The Alchemist

                          Natural Black Agate and Tiger's Eye gemstone bracelet. 40cm length.

                            Rs. 1,650Rs. 2,450
                            Quick View Mystical stack of 5
                            24% Off

                            Mystical stack of 5

                            Stack of 5 complementary colorful crystal bracelets.

                              Rs. 1,250Rs. 1,650
                              Quick View Evil Eye Earrings
                              57% Off

                              Evil Eye Earrings

                              Evil Eye Earrings in White.

                                Rs. 450Rs. 1,050
                                Quick View Cyan Crystals
                                32% Off

                                Cyan Crystals

                                Cyan color crystals prayer beads

                                  Rs. 650Rs. 950